Long beaches of fine sand

Holiday on the island of Rügen

Rügen, Binz, long beaches of fine sand, flocks of squawking seagulls, lush beech forests, endless horizons, golden sunrises and sunsets.

The island is the perfect place to recover, relax and go on holiday. Witnessing the seasons change is really something else on Rügen. Feel the sun's warm rays caressing your skin, the smell and tast of sea salt in the air, the soft, silky touch of the sand as it trickles through your fingers. Feel the sea breeze wipe all your worries away. Marvel at the endless bays along the coast.

It's a symphony for the senses. Binz is both charming and glamorous, vibrant and colourful. Its villas have still maintained some of their original charm after more than a century. Lovely small lakes like the Schmachter, the Hertha or the Schwarzer, the latter being the stuff of legends, will have you day-dreaming. But there is much more to the island of Rügen. Beautiful surroundings, museums, art galleries, theatres and, of course, sports facilities and recreational areas. Come visit us, let the charm of Rügen seduce you, and you, too, are sure to fall in love with Germany's largest and most beautiful island. You won't be able to resist coming back. We will be glad to have you stay at our Youth Hostel, no matter whether you are a regular guest or are visiting us for the first time.

These are some of the facilties that make us stand out:

  • Tranquillity: Enjoy a truly relaxing holiday on the sunny island of Rügen
  • Unique surroundings: the seaside resort Binz and its charming atmosphere will mesmerise your senses
  • Pleasant accommodation: you will be staying at the coolest Youth Hostel of northern Germany
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Opening hours

The Hostel is open all year (except for Christmas).

Reception hours between 01 May and 30 September
- daily: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Reception hours from 01 October an 30 April
- Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
- Saturday/Sunday: 8 - 11 a.m. and 3 - 6 p.m.

Checkin: 3 - 6 p.m.

169 beds, shower / toilet on each floor, 4 group leader rooms with bathtubs, a dining room, which can also be used as a rehearsal room for orchestras and choirs with up to 120 choir members, beach chair rentals directly at our Hostel, "Piratennest" club room with individual maritime design, bistro next to the dining room, round of seats facing the sea, BBQ area and assembly point in the courtyard, table football, pool table, indoor and outdoor table tennis, open-air chess, beach volleyball field on the beach (May-September), beach directly at the doorstep, free game rentals, internet terminal in the foyer (DSL and wifi), bicycle rentals at the Hostel

Room Floor space
Max. number of participants
  • cinema
  • parliament
  • block
  • U-shaped block
    U-shaped block
  • circle
Floor Rent per day
Speisesaal 209 sqm 120 100 70 70 70 GF upon request
Seminarraum 45 sqm 30 20 20 20 35 2 upon request
Room Floor space Height
Max. number of participants
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
Floor Daylight Rent per day
Speisesaal 209 sqm 8.0 m 120 100 GF yes upon request
Raum 1 45 sqm 2.6 m 30 20 2 yes upon request
Raum 2 25 sqm 2.8 m 10 8 2 yes upon request
Rehearsal room equipment

piano, stereo / PA equipment

Staging options

staging options in the vicinity (1.0 km),

Zuhause am Meer

Eine Jugendherberge nicht am Rand oder Mittendrin, sondern in der ersten Reihe! Direkt am Meer, an der Strandpromenade, im historischen Ortsteil! Wir sind die Profis für Klassen- und Gruppenreisen, vor allem bei der Organisation von Programmen. Hier bei uns fühlen sich Jugendliche mit Freunden und ganzen Gruppen wohl. Und Familien mit Kindern oder Senioren ebenso. Dafür sorgen wir. Sehr gerne. Schon seit fast einem halben Jahrhundert.

Outings and excursions

  • Visit Jasmund National Park and its magnificent chalk cliffs of Königsstuhl, as well as the National Park Centre
  • See the flint fields, unique strips of heath and pebble fields located between Prora and Mukran
  • Go for a walk in Granitz, Eastern Germany's largest beech forest
  • Come to Rügen in March-April and admire the wood anemones in full bloom
  • Come to Rügen in May and enjoy flowering rapseed fields
  • Come to Rügen in February or November and witness the migration of the cranes
  • Take a trip on the "Rasender Roland", the centenary steam locomotive that runs from Göhren to Putbus via Binz
  • Enjoy a open-air theatre piece at the Störkeberker Festival in Ralswiek
  • Take a sightseeing tour by plane